Tom Cruise Would Bethe Perfect Personality to Star in a Golf Show

Star Sports Live

After the success of Star Sports Live, a live television show based on the movies starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, it seems like Tom Cruise would be a fine actor to star in a reality show based on golf. Like his movie character, Tom Cruise could bring more attention to the sport of golf and has become an all time favorite. If he’s willing to play on the course as a celebrity player and entertain fans who have come to watch the match, then why not give him a shot at golf?

Cruise, being himself, would have a new sidekick, whether it’s an old friend or a real professional that he’d be able to practice with. Whether Cruise wants to make money off this or not is up to him.

Cruise, being himself, would have to find something that would be exciting enough to interest the public, without being too over the top. As great as the show was on TV, with a star who was known for being a big time pothead; people would probably think twice about watching a golf game. Cruise may want to learn some new moves or spend more time on his game, just to make sure that people would be ready for the next exciting Star Sports Live on CNN.

Star Sports Live

Cruise might want to stay in shape or learn some new skills, in order to be ready for such a dramatic TV show. Some celebrities are known for taking big risks, but Cruise is known for doing the opposite.

Cruise would have to be prepared to do some training with some professionals, if he’s planning on learning from a professional. What about videos of him playing in high school or college? His talent for acting would give him the opportunity to do it, but would he be able to take the proper precautions to protect his body, against possible injuries?

Cruise would also have to create a persona, in order to help him blend in. But in order to be a star athlete, there has to be a reason to it, unlike the actor who does it because they want to, or because they are too lazy to work.

Cruise, being himself, would have to do what needs to be done. As crazy as it sounds, if he doesn’t want to put in the time to develop a good game, he would have to watch and analyze the other competitors and look for ways to improve. Would his chances of becoming one of the best golfers in the world decrease if he knew that he wasn’t the best at the moment?

Star Sports Live

Cruise, being himself, would have to take the professional advice he would get from those who know the game inside and out. If he’d just hire the most expensive private tutor, then he’d still be left with the same average scores, while having lost the best chance of becoming a star athlete. He’d need a better way to develop his game if he wants to be one of the best athletes in the world.

Cruise, being himself, would have to accept the fact that a competitive mindset will always be needed to excel in any sport. The only way to get that kind of success is to be highly motivated, committed and dedicated. That is the only way to succeed.

Cruise, being himself, would have to do the same thing, as he learned in High School and College. If he wants to be the best, he’ll have to be willing to put in the time. Maybe, in the future, Tom Cruise will take a crack at golf and help make it a big hit.

Cruise, being himself, would have to learn what it means to be a star. He’d need to come to terms with his personality. For now, he will have to be a winner, because if he doesn’t become one, he will have wasted his career.

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